Since first opening its doors in 2011, Fluff Ice has become an amazing example that when hard work and opportunity collide, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Fluff Ice takes on the traditional shaved ice dessert in a non-traditional way. Through a proprietary process that takes 8-hours to complete, we create each block of Fluff Ice by infusing our flavors into large cylindrical blocks. When blocks of Fluff Ice are shaved, what results is the magical union of delicate texture and decadent taste. With a taste-texture profile that is similar to “frozen cotton candy,” Fluff Ice is light and airy, yet amazingly flavorful with every bite. 

To date, the team at Fluff Ice has had the privilege of plating at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, Lucky Rice, and LA Times’ The Taste. We’ve also been fortunate enough to be a part of numerous parties, weddings, events, and special celebrations, helping to create special memories for our clients. No matter how big or small, we’re committed to bringing happiness to the world, one cup of Fluff at a time.